Black Scale x 40oz NYC Capsule Collection

Black Scale and 40oz NYC team up for a unique Halloween release featuring snapbacks, short- and long-sleeve T-shirts and coaches jackets. 40oz NYC’s snapback takes on a cotton twill make-up in a new five-point star graphic, while the T-shirts continue the starry theme in cotton jersey along the sleeves, front and rear of each piece. The lightweight nylon coaches jackets comes with a snap front closure and printed graphics on the back to cover up.


Each piece is available in both black and white, and will be available at Black Scale stores, as well as and on the October 31. The look book is featured below.



black-scale-40oz-nyc-capsule-collection-01 black-scale-40oz-nyc-capsule-collection-02 black-scale-40oz-nyc-capsule-collection-03 black-scale-40oz-nyc-capsule-collection-04 black-scale-40oz-nyc-capsule-collection-05 black-scale-40oz-nyc-capsule-collection-06


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