40oz NYC Fall 2013 “Life and Death” Collection

Chicago artist Fredo Santana & 40oz NYC give us a closer look at their first seasonal apparel collection. Entitled “Life and Death,” the collection includes two tees and two hats, each with minimal branding, skull motifs and a scripted font. Look for the collection to hit the brand’s online shop today, September 30.


40oz-nyc-fall-2013-life-and-death-collection-08 40oz-nyc-fall-2013-life-and-death-collection-07 40oz-nyc-fall-2013-life-and-death-collection-06 40oz-nyc-fall-2013-life-and-death-collection-05 40oz-nyc-fall-2013-life-and-death-collection-04 40oz-nyc-fall-2013-life-and-death-collection-03 40oz-nyc-fall-2013-life-and-death-collection-01


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