Fragment design & VANQUISH Fall/Winter 2013 Denim Collection

VANQUISH once again team up with Fragement design  for a Fall/Winter 2013  extensive collection. Taking it back to the old school we see a take on early ’90s aesthetic alongside a range of treated denim pieces. Casual plaid patterns combined with playful striped shirts while motto tees sit this round out. The collection is available now straight from the source.

fragment-design-vanquish-fall-winter-2013-denim-collection-06 fragment-design-vanquish-fall-winter-2013-denim-collection-05 fragment-design-vanquish-fall-winter-2013-denim-collection-04 fragment-design-vanquish-fall-winter-2013-denim-collection-03 fragment-design-vanquish-fall-winter-2013-denim-collection-02 fragment-design-vanquish-fall-winter-2013-denim-collection-01


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