Stussy & Yo! MTV Collab

I have been waiting for a clothing  collab featuring past rap icons and here it is.  Two true classics are put together in this latest collaboration. California brand Stussy hooks up with the Yo! MTV Raps franchise, the iconic TV show that ran under this name from 1988 until 1995 and continued until 1999 under the name Yo!. Together the two present a capsule t-shirt collection that features some of the rap world’s greatest, including Gang Starr, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Brand Nubian, Digital Underground, Eric B & Rakim, Slick Rick, Ice T, MC Lyte and of course also the one and only Queen Latifah. Look out for a release of the Stussy x Yo! MTV Raps collection on August 10.

stussy-yo-mtv-raps-10-630x419stussy-yo-mtv-raps-9-630x419 stussy-yo-mtv-raps-8-630x419 stussy-yo-mtv-raps-7-630x419 stussy-yo-mtv-raps-6-630x419 stussy-yo-mtv-raps-5-630x419 stussy-yo-mtv-raps-4-630x419 stussy-yo-mtv-raps-3-630x419 stussy-yo-mtv-raps-2-630x419 stusy


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