Playboy & Bape Capsule Collection

Last week we previewed the Playboy & Bape collaboration, today Bape has previewed the full capsule collection that they and Playboy are set to release. The collection stikes me as being alot more reserved than expected, featuring standard  t-shirts, sweaters, caps, a polo shirt, button-down shirt, and even a a bow-tie and trunks. There have been some design edits to the Bape logo and Playboy bunny which seem to work quite well and feature one way or another on all items in the collection. The Playboy & Bape Capsule Collection released on July 6, 2013 check below for pictures.


bape-playboy-capsule-collection-2-630x419 bape-playboy-capsule-collection-3-630x419 bape-playboy-capsule-collection-5-630x419 bape-playboy-capsule-collection-6-630x419 bape-playboy-capsule-collection-7-630x419 bape-playboy-capsule-collection-8-630x419bape-playboy-capsule-collection-1-630x419


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